A Lifetime in Panels and Pages

Your humble grader, circa 1991
Your humble grader, circa 1991

My journey into the world of comics began in 1984, at the age of 10, when my older brother passed down three longboxes filled with treasures. These weren't just any comics; they were the masterpieces of the era — Byrne's X-Men and Fantastic Four, Frank Miller's Daredevil and Wolverine, Alien Legion, Bill Sienkiewicz' New Mutants... It was my inaugural dive into the profound depths of narration, art, and inking. These boxes didn't just contain comics; they held entire universes, lessons in heroism, and the start of my lifelong passion.

Over the years, my collection grew, but more importantly, so did my understanding and appreciation for the craft behind each panel. I learned that to truly honor these works of art, they needed to be cared for with a dedication that matched the passion of their creators. It wasn't enough to simply read and shelve them; each comic was a piece of a larger narrative that deserved preservation.

As I delved deeper into the world of comic book collecting, I found myself drawn to the meticulous process of pressing and grading. To me, it was more than enhancing the aesthetic of the book; it was about safeguarding a piece of culture, of ensuring that the stories that shaped me could stand the test of time to inspire others as they did me.

So, COMIC BOOM! isn't just a service. It's a promise to treat every comic, wether it's worth $5 or $500, as if it were mine. It's a commitment to maintain the integrity of the comics you entrust to me, with the respect they deserve and the professionalism you expect.

This business is built on transparency and communication because I know the anticipation and concern that comes with handing over your prized possessions. With COMIC BOOM!, you'll always know where your comics are in the pressing or grading process.

Your comics are not just paper and ink; they're memories, they're art, and they're history. At COMIC BOOM!, they'll be treated that way.